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Grafene Story

Grafene Story

Our Story

We are a community of technology consulting pros, with extensive experience in employing the most effective solutions for a multitude of industries throughout the Middle East and beyond.

We are doers, planners, thinkers, and we dream BIG! We dream of the Middle East leading the global digital era through innovation and creativity; therefore, our game is to act as a catalyst in the movement toward the future and toward this aim.

Our entire leadership team invested the past couple of decades working with technology giants. Today, each of us exercises and employs our finest skills to win as a team.

Every day we have a new challenge, in a different industry, connecting with new clients. We engage with different team players to design solutions and make things happen as a team. We bond ideas from clients, unique experiences, industries, subject experts, and technology developers as an approach to attract success.

Part of our efforts to equip our clients with the most effective solutions is by forging strong partnerships. We team up with an ever-growing network of partners and collaborators to identify and solve clients’ digital challenges. 

Our Promise to the Community

Our services go far beyond the technology we offer, there are always add-ons to complete the picture

We are on a mission to help create a new generation of technology consultants, offering the industry third-liners

A human is looked at from a 360⁰ dimension (technical, financial, wellness, mental, and spiritual), we help our team achieve their dream life and work-life integration

We are positively impacting the industry dynamics and helping the larger community thrive

Why Did We Create Grafene?

We are building Grafene to act like graphene. Derived from graphite, it’s believed to be the strongest material ever tested. One square meter would support a four-kilogram cat but would weigh only as much as one of the cat’s whiskers. That’s what we work every day on achieving and offering to the community at large. 

Like its namesake, Grafene is the material of the future. Created to be agile, resilient, and promotes connectivity. Hence, our slogan, Bond Ideas…Attract Success. 

Since its inception, the technology consultancy industry had a top layer of players who controlled the market worldwide. They are the destination for top-notch talents to build expertise and their services are sought after by all industries.    

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Over the past two decades, Grafene’s leadership team learned from, grew with, and served as part of said layer, witnessing the market’s evolvement and shifting dynamics, allowing them to become the industry’s second liners in the Middle East.

In 2019, Grafene’s leadership team came together to start a new chapter in their lives with a shared passion to make an impact and add more to the fast-moving industry. They saw that they can achieve different levels of success with their competence, expertise, network, and most importantly the agility of a small- and medium-sized company.