Grafene Consulting

Meet Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership

Islam Hatem


I am a dreamer; have been setting my objectives in life and work since I was 18 years old, and I’ve managed to achieve them until now. I traveled throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe for work and holidays. The key thing I learned besides the work experience is building relationships with people. This is the real investment. My objectives became more appealing and challenging since I became a father to a beautiful daughter, and I'm willing to achieve much more. I consider Grafene Consulting as my second daughter since they were both born in the same year. I see them growing every passing year, and I am very proud of both of them.

Ayman Zaki


We are not binary! We are an analog wave of ideas and talents, connected together, to attract success. We dream, think, plan, and we win as a team - Team with us!

Ahmed Ismail

Advisory and Assurance Services Head

Grafene gave me the opportunity to work on a better version of myself, and to look at my life from a 360⁰ approach. I now delve into the human sciences, such as sociology and psychology; explore new experiences and adventures such as riding motorcycles; reconnect with old friends; actively rediscover my sort of personal jukebox, where I revisit my playlists of songs that are linked with cherished memories. As for Grafene, it’s the crown jewel of our commitment to pass on the knowledge and values extended to us—by the industry’s mentors and leaders—to future generations. We are leveraging the current global opportunities by weaving in Grafene as an integral ingredient in the international network, focused on decentralizing technology consultancy and helping close existing gaps.

Tamer Shaker

Technology Solutions Head​

I am a very ambitious person in both my work and personal life. I like to travel, I've visited most of the continents and tried many different things during my adventures. I am married with three lovely children. On the professional front, I have more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, during which I developed valuable experience in software development and implementation projects throughout the Middle East. I have always wanted to start my own practice and, thus, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to develop this business alongside my friends and coworkers, passing my knowledge and experience to people who are looking to start in this field.

Tamer shaker Grafene Consulting