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Looking for Your Dream Job?

Let Grafene’s talent experts work with you to find opportunities that match your passion, talents, and skills through a series of technical assessments & competency-based behavioral and technical interviews (CBI). 

Whether you are a fresh graduate, an expert looking for a new home, or a consultant looking for your next adventure, our mission is to find the perfect fit for our talents.

Explore Your Technology Passion, Talent, and Skills

  • Pick the opportunity that best suits you from our announced vacancies or submit your CV in the box at the bottom of the pages.

Matching you with your befitting opportunities

  • Once we receive your CV, we discuss your experience, education, and background to determine the best fit for you
  • We then delve deeper with rounds of interviews and capability assessments to form a 360-degree view of your profile
  • We discuss with you detailed feedback to help you pinpoint the areas where you shine, areas of improvement, and suitable career trajectory

Make IT happen with Grafene

  • We support you through the process of finalizing your offer and contract
  • Finally, we welcome you to the next chapter of your life

We Help You find the Right Solution for Your Business

We offer tailored solutions to help you mitigate your specific requirements. Whether you need help with talent acquisition, outsourcing, capacity building, or HR consulting.

Throughout this process we act as your advisor and partner, your specific business status undergoes extensive diagnosis before any recommendation is made.

Explore the horizon of capabilities

  • We offer a customized service plan based on the requirements and specific goals your organization is trying to achieve

Match your needs with the right solution

  • We translate your requirements into a series of data points, based on which a list of suitable solutions is developed
  • All our solutions are thoroughly evaluated from different angles to ensure perfect alignment with your business goals

Make IT happen with Grafene

  • We follow an agile approach through the entire process, ensuring a smooth dynamic implementation
  • We assist you at every step of the process. In talent acquisition, for example, we negotiate the offer on your behalf and integrate calibers into your entity

Not a Typical Hiring Process

We are on a mission to shift the human resources culture of the MENA region to one that focuses on matching a company’s business needs and the internal environment with talent’s personality, technical capabilities, and career objectives.

Our services address talents-related roadblocks a business and a caliber may be facing. We often say our services are divided into four lines, however, our solutions are customized depending on your specific nature of operations and set goals. 

At Grafene, we do things differently. All talents undergo several technical and behavioral assessments designed to fit them with the role they will be most effective at. 

Helping talents tune in to their true potential guarantees to business effectiveness.

We specialize in all technology-related fields, with a special focus on: IT auditing; governance risk and compliance; cyber security; data management; data sciences; technology; business consulting.

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